The ‘No Error’ Conundrum in SAT Writing Section

In the SAT Writing section, students face questions with one unique answer choice. That answer choice is ‘No Error’ which means there is no mistake in the given sentence. It is seen in sentence error and improving sentences question types. In the former, answer choice (E) corresponds to no error while in the latter answer choice (A) leaves the sentence as is. This answer choice is rarely observed in the improving paragraphs questions.

For some reason, ‘no error’ always seems to be a tough one for students. Many test takers are not comfortable marking the particular response. The thinking seems to be – “Why would the College Board keep a correct statement and not require you take any action on it?”

While we get the thought process, do not get stressed by the answer choice. Treat it as just another answer choice and not one unique answer which stands out. In fact, it means choosing from just four answers, otherwise retain the original statement. Sounds simple this way, doesn’t it?

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If you are thinking that ‘no error’ answers will be less common in the exam, it is a misconception. It is not uncommon to come across 8-10 questions which are error-free in the exam. So, do not be afraid to mark the choice (E), even if it appears 2-3 times in a row.

Of course, you need to be spot on with your grammar to be completely sure about these questions. Make sure that you solve a lot of practice questions to be completely comfortable around this answer choice.

The ‘no error’ answer choice does lead to that extra amount of confusion among some students. If you are prepared well however, there is really no cause for worry.

Attempt a few sentence correction questions.

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