Tips for SAT Sentence Completion Problems

SAT Sentence Completion problems present a great opportunity to do well in the Reading section. Typically, students find sentence completion problems easier than the reading comprehension questions. However, you need to understand this question type well. Even though the questions are not very difficult, they can sometimes be confusing for test takers.

Here are some tips for SAT Sentence Completion problems:

1. Read the question carefully – It is the reading section. So, you have to read well! Often, by reading the sentences well, you can arrive at the missing word. Pay attention to the different associations in the sentence.

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2. Mark the words – It is a good idea to mark words or phrases that give a clue to the missing word. This will help you think more clearly about the word.

3. Come up with your own answer – When you read the sentence, fill the blank with your own prediction. You should see that your word should fit in the meaning of the sentence. Often times, you will find yourself very close to the correct answer with this approach.

4. Build your vocabulary – A good vocabulary makes it easier to tackle these problems. Make sure that you spend some time strengthening your words and meanings. It will definitely help you in these questions.

5. Eliminate answer choices – One of the most recommended question tackling methods. Once you have understood the sentence and come up with your own possible answer, it should become very easy for you to eliminate a few answer choices. Zero in on the correct answer by filling in the remaining answer choices in the sentence. Choose the one that fits the best.

6. Practice well – As always, practice will help you score well in this section. Remember that the strategies listed above help only if you have spent some time tackling these question types. Solve a lot of problems, take practice tests and analyze your mistakes.

For a practice question, head here.

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