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Top 25 SAT Vocabulary words

Top 25 SAT Vocabulary words

SAT test takers are typically unsure about the vocabulary section of the exam. Despite memorizing many words and their meanings, they are generally not in a position to gauge their preparation levels. We give you a list of repeat offenders in the SAT. While this is not an exhaustive list, go through these words to understand your own preparation level. If you are unfamiliar with these words, master them and then go learn some more.

Here are the top 25 SAT vocabulary words along with their meanings that you should master:

Abstract – Notional, non-realistic

Adversary – Enemy

Apathetic – Uninterested, indifferent

Cogent – Clear, logical, convincing

Convoluted – Complicated, complex

Deferential – Respectful

Didactic – Educational, informative

Dubious – Doubtful, unsure

Ebullient – Cheerful, full of energy

Eclectic – Wide-ranging, comprehensive

Esoteric – Obscure, abstract

Fastidious – Meticulous

Garrulous – Talkative, verbose

Gregarious – Social

Hackneyed – Overused

Imperious – Authoritative, dictatorial

Laudatory – Expressing praise

Mollify – Appease, pacify

Obdurate – Stubborn, inflexible

Preclude – Prevent, prohibit

Reticent – Reserved, withdrawn

Spurious – Fake

Tenacious – Tight, firm

Verbose – Talkative

Wistful  – Reflective

These are just a few words which are a common sighting during the exam. You should learn more words to prepare thoroughly for the vocabulary section of SAT. When learning new words, throw the around in your conversations to make them second nature.

Start Preparation.

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