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Top five places where you can find good SAT essay examples

Top five places where you can find good SAT essay examples

From the class of 2015, 1.7 million students took the SAT. The number keeps increasing every year and so does the competition. Thus, one needs to be thoroughly prepared for the short-duration assignment. The test mandates allocation of 50 minutes for reading a 650 to 750 words passage, analyzing what the author has written and is trying to explain, and writing an essay.

The approach for this assessment exam needs to be properly structured. Else, the exam time will pass and one will have no proper framework for writing the essay. It is recommended to go through the given passage thoroughly and try to read between the lines. Gather what the writer is hinting at.

For writing an impressive SAT exam, one needs to keep these points in mind:

  • The essay should not beat around the bush. It should make a clear argument that can be easily identified by the reader. Crisp and concise writing style can help in achieving this goal.
  • Structured thought is what the assessors are looking for. Thus, structuring the essay into proper passages with appropriate introduction and conclusion can help in making the message clearer. This alone can fetch a score equal to or more than 4/8.
  • One should demonstrate strong command over the language while expressing thoughts in SAT. Grammatical mistakes and poor wording can ruin all the efforts. Repetitions should be avoided
  • Focus should primarily include all facts from passage. An essay that has enough important points to back up the argument is a good essay.

In order to focus on all these points while writing an essay within the stipulated time of the exam, one needs a lot of practice. Going through various essay examples on the Internet can help in knowing the pattern better.

Read on to find 5 SAT essay examples :

  • College Board: This website provides good quality of passages to read and write arguments on them. SAT papers are available with written essays and scores received. This helps in knowing what tone, language and structure is to be followed.
  • Major Tests: One can have a fair idea of the pattern and look-and-feel of SAT through this site. Sections are visible on the screen as they appear on actual test date.
  • SAT Essay: This site provides tips on writing effective SAT essays. It also provides links to certain number of practice tests that can be taken.
  • College Admission Samples on this site provide the prompt of responding for a pro or con just like it is asked in actual SAT exam. It should be kept in mind that the stand, positive or negative, does not affect the grading. It solely depends on the text and its quality.
  • Scholastic: This site provides a breakdown of time that should be spent in each activity: planning, writing and editing.

Thus, start preparing for SAT by keeping all the above mentioned points in mind. All the best!


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