UC Berkeley SAT Scores

The University of Berkeley is a dream destination for many students. While it may not enjoy the reputation and alumni network of Harvard and Yale, it is still considered as one of the top schools in the US. For admission to UC Berkeley, you will need high SAT scores and GPA.

UC Berkeley follows a holistic review process for admission which takes into account the entire application mix. It states on the official website:

“While grades and test scores are important and our applicant pool is highly competitive, we read each application individually—looking beyond the numbers—for students who can add to the extraordinary educational atmosphere at Berkeley.”

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UC Berkeley SAT Scores are given below

The average scores across critical reading, writing and math section are 677, 691 and 703. The 25th-75th SAT percentile scores for math section is 650-770. The corresponding numbers for reading and writing is 620-740 and 640-760. The average GPA of the freshman class is 4.18.

UC Berkeley participates in the Score Choice program offered by the College Board. However, the university requires you to send in all test scores. It considers the highest combined score from a single administration. The university also recommends sending in applications early. SAT subject tests are not mandatory but recommended for some selective majors.

Like other UC colleges, Berkeley also needs students to meet the University of California requirements. The university requires applicants to earn a GPA of 3.0 (3.4 for international students) with no grade lower than ‘C’.

In case you do not meet the minimum requirements of UC, you may still be considered for admission if you have very high scores on SAT and the SAT subject tests.

The website states:

“To qualify by examination, you must achieve a minimum UC Score total — calculated according to the instructions below — of 410 (425 for non-residents). In addition, you must earn a minimum UC Score of 63 on each component of the ACT or SAT Reasoning Test and on each SAT Subject Test.”

Under the ‘admission by exam’ rules, your SAT scores in critical reading, writing and math have to be converted to UC scores. For instance, a SAT section score of 800 will fetch you a UC score of 100 while a score of 200 is pegged at 0. For more clarity on the rules and the translation table, visit the University of California website.

Clearly, you have to do well in your exam and your academics to be competitive for a seat here. A composite SAT score above 2000 and a GPA around 3.8 should keep admission officers interested in your application.


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