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Understanding Your SAT Scores

Understanding Your SAT Scores

Taking the SAT? Congratulations. You have already scored a minimum of 600. Confusing, isn’t it? Yes, the College Board’s SAT scoring patterns might be a little difficult to fathom at first because it is different from the exams you have taken before. However, a little experience is what it takes towards understanding your SAT scores a boss!

Once you give the SAT, it takes about five weeks for you to receive your scores. You will obtain a raw, scaled and percentile SAT scores. The raw score has a relatively easy scoring system – +1 for correct answers, 0 for blank responses and -0.25 for every incorrect answer. The scores for all the three sections – math, critical reading and writing – are then added to arrive at the raw score.

For the essay though, you are judged on a scale of 1-12. While this is indicated separately in your report, the same is also added to your writing section score.

After the raw score calculation, these are converted to scaled scores based on equating between different tests. These scaled scores range form 200-800. Hence, the worst performer will also be at 600 points (Voila!). Obviously, the highest possible score is a kingly 2400 which should fetch you a seat at an Ivy League College!

The percentiles are a comparison of your performance with the other test takers. You receive it for the entire group of test takers as well as your individual state. This is the most important marker in the exam.

Understanding your SAT scores is the first step towards success in your examination.

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