Unique college majors that only few have heard of

Let’s face it- the days of the regular, boring, conventional courses are now almost at the brink of dying lazy deaths. Yet, most of us end up opting for those traditional majors that ensure us steady paychecks, respect and secure futures. But, what about those who aren’t meant to walk on the beaten track? What do colleges have to offer to those spirited individuals looking for inspiration?

Well, here’s a list of the whacky, crazy, unique college majors and information about where to get them.

1. Adventure/Wilderness Therapy:

Of course not everyone’s cup of tea. This is the kind of course perfect for people who love adventure, travel, out-door activities and are essentially- extroverts.

OFFERED AT: Unity College/ Maine, Naropa University.

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JOB PROSPECTS: Field instructor, Behavioral health professional, Outdoor behavioral healthcare specialist, Adventure specialist.

2. Kinesiology and Exercise Science:

This major puts you leagues apart from your friendly, bulky gym instructor. The major is ideal and well suited for students looking for a career in health.

OFFERED AT: Rice/ Texas, University of South California.

JOB PROSPECTS: Sports medicine, Strength and conditioning trainer, Occupational therapy, Physical therapy.

3. Astrobiology:

It is defined as, “the exploration of life outside of Earth and to the investigation of the origin and early evolution of life on Earth.” Doesn’t that sound wonderful already?

OFFERED AT: University of Washington or Penn State

JOB PROSPECTS: Astrobiology researcher, scientist or educator

4. Bagpiping:

Described by the University as a program “where a person can get a complete grounding in music as well as specific instruction on the instrument.” Can it get any cooler?

OFFERED AT: Carnegie Mellon University

JOB PROSPECTS: A bagpiper or teaching the bagpipes

5. Bakery Science:

The delicious major offers to train students for all administrative, research, production, and executive positions that can be found in the baking industry.

OFFERED AT: Kansas State University

JOB PROSPECTS: Careers within restaurants, caterers, hotels, clubs, food manufacturers, testing laboratories, and large and small bakeries.

6. Comic art:

Talking of goofy careers, this is as crazy as it gets. Students are taught the command of line, colour, composition, character development, storyboarding, and plot to create complex works that pull readers in.

OFFERED AT: Minneapolis College of Art and Design

JOB PROSPECTS: Working at comic studios as a cartoonist, illustrator or author or in comic book art production.


7. Egyptology:

“Exploration of the histories, languages, cultures and sciences of ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia and their neighbors” and “will be exposed to the critical study of the ancient cultures of these regions (ca. 3400 B.C.E.–100 C.E.) using the tools of archaeology, epigraphy, and historical inquiry” is how Brown University defines the course.

OFFERED AT: Brown University

JOB PROSPECTS: Egyptologist, historian, specialized archaeologist.

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