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University of Vermont SAT Scores

University of Vermont SAT Scores

University of Vermont is one of the easier institutes to get in through SAT. Getting admission to this university is a moderately competitive process. If you score pretty well in your SAT, there are good chances of you finding a seat at the school.

Let us look at the important numbers first. The University does not have any minimum SAT score required for admission. It indicates the SAT score ranges for the middle 50% of its students.

SAT Critical Reading: 550-670

SAT Math: 570-670

SAT Writing: 560-670

The University of Vermont prefers super scores to SAT Scores. It requires applicants to send in all their test scores along with the writing component. Vermont does not require subject tests.

You will be well placed for Vermont if you score above 1900 in your SAT. Vermont does not publish an average GPA students but the school states that most of its students are in the B+/A- range. A good application, decently high GPA and a score above 1900 should make you a pretty attractive candidate for Vermont.

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