Using SAT Flashcards Effectively

SAT flashcards are a great way to master the vocabulary section of the exam. Since you will not see many words during your regular study and reading sessions, SAT flashcards are a great way to memorize many words and their meanings along with correct usage.

Flashcards are great because you can learn new words, their meanings and their usage very easily. These cards help save a lot of time which can be utilized in other areas of your study. Moreover, SAT cards are extremely portable and can be easily used in on-the-go. So the next time you are in a queue, sitting at a bus or the coffee shop, remember your flashcards!

Here are six tips on using SAT flashcards effectively:

  1. Absorb the information well – Randomly reading word-meaning pairs and moving on to the next word will not serve its purpose. Make sure that you understand the word and its usage well.

  2. Do not take too in too much at one time – If you are trying to learn 100 words every day, it will never work. It is much better to focus on 15-20 new words every day.
  3.  Use effective learning techniques – When memorizing words, use different associations or weave a unique story around every word. This trick works much better than relying just on memory.
  4. Revise – Once students memorize words and their meanings, they tend to move on to other words. Always come back to these word-meaning pairs in 5-7 days to cement the information in your head.
  5. Use them for testing – Once you have mastered a few word-meaning pairs, you can ask a friend to read out those words to you while you determine the meaning of the words. It is a fun way to reinforce your learning.
  6.  Use them for other subjects – While flashcards work great for vocab, they can be used in other subject areas as well. Using flashcards for math formulas is also a great way to master these concepts.

Here are top 25 vocabulary words that you must know!

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