Deciding Whether To Retake the SAT

If you have taken the SAT or ACT, you most likely have considered retaking it.

Before you attempt to answer that question, know that it is perfectly normal to take the SAT multiple times. In fact, many students take the exam once during their junior year and once before senior year. The facility to take the SAT multiple times offers a great cushion to the students who may not have been able to do justice to the exam first time around.

That being said, first determine whether you really want to take the SAT again. If your SAT scores are already falling in the score range of the schools of your choice, why bother taking it again? If you are shooting for the stars, by all means take the exam again.

You should take the SAT only if you really feel that your exam score is too low and can be significantly improved through another retest. If you have already taken the SAT multiple times, maybe you should not take it again. Your retesting strategy should be based on the time available. If you have limited time, maybe you want to focus on the other areas of your application process during this time.

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