What Is the SAT?

The SAT is a globally recognized exam which is used by colleges in the US for their admissions process. It tests your math, reading and writing skills – common subjects which are taught in high schools worldwide. The test showcases your skills in these areas and used by colleges to recognize the best applicants. The exam is created by The College Board, a non-profit organization.

SAT tests the three subject areas – Critical Reading, Math and Writing – across 10 sections which requires test takers to move back and forth between these sections. The writing section also comprises of an essay. There is one unscored section in the exam (not known to the test takers) which is used The College Board to experiment and test a few new questions. The section does not have an impact on your final score.

Conducted seven times in a year in the US (six times internationally), the exam converts the raw scores into scaled scores on a 200-800 point scale. This means that you can score a maximum of 2400 and a minimum of 600 in the exam. The exam takes 3 hours and 45 minutes for completion.

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While SAT is extremely important in the admissions process, keep in mind that schools also consider your GPA, extra–curricular activities, recommendation letters and essays, among other factors. Keep a tab on the general SAT score trends of the schools you are interested in. Also, contact their admissions offices to stay updated.

Try scoring as high as possible to improve your chances at the college of your interest. You can even take the exam more than once if you are not satisfied with your scores the first time round.

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