What is the SAT Blue Book?

For any serious SAT taker, the Blue Book forms an essential part of the arsenal. The Blue Book is nothing but the official SAT Study Guide developed by the College Board itself. Since it comes from the exam makers themselves, you cannot ignore this book. Moreover, the Blue Book contains quality prep material which will help you prepare for the SAT. The book is available for $21.99.

The official SAT Study Guide contains great lessons spanning all the sections of SAT. It also offers practice questions, practice essay questions, math concepts, test-taking approaches and free online score reports. It also contains ten practice tests including three recently administered exams. You should take since its coming from the folks who actually design the real SAT. The prep resources, needless to add, are as authentic as they get.

Experts are divided on their opinions about the Blue Book. Some think that the quality of exercises and the advice are not up to the mark. Obviously, the book does not reveal every tiny test strategy since the test makers want to preserve the sanctity of the exam. However, everyone is unified to the fact that the book is a must-have if you are preparing for the exam.

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We definitely recommend buying the Blue Book. The book offers great explanations on the exam structure, question types and study material along with ten practice tests. If you are only going to use one book, choose this one. If you want to prepare more thoroughly, supplement your preparation with prep resources offered by more reputed names.

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