What makes a good SAT score?

This is a common question in the minds of the parents and students who take the SAT. While you attempt to answer the question, a good place to start will be to look at the averages of the schools you are interested to apply in. There are tons of sources available, including statistics from The College Board itself, which can help you look for historical data across various schools.

SAT comprises of three sections Mathematics, Critical Reading and Writing. Scores from each section range on a 200 to 800 scale, which gives you a chance of scoring 2400 in the test. Keep in mind that percentiles – your score relative to the other test takers – which are given out for the composite score as well as for the three sections are important. Percentile rankings are used by colleges to compare your performance with fellow test takers.

So what’s a good SAT score?

If you are looking at an average indicator of sorts, 1500 can be considered an average score. Achieving this score should keep you in good stead to crack a number of colleges. A higher score in the range of 1800-2100 can improve your chances at a college of your choice significantly. Scoring above 2100 virtually ensures a seat at a top college. A score of 1260 and lesser? We suggest registering for the next test date.

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Of course, SAT scores completely depend on the school you wish to apply to. If you are aiming for the top 10 schools, you need to be high up there. A lower score will work just fine for a small liberal arts college. While you are in the high score race, it is important to keep in mind that a good SAT score is not a guarantor for a seat at your choice of school.

SAT scores are just another part of the larger admission mix: good grades, recommendations and extra-curricular activities. So make sure to get a good GPA, write a good application and engage in extra- curriculars. Apart from getting admission in your favourite school, a good SAT score will also help in acquiring scholarships which is an important criteria for many applicants. So, if you felt you scored low the first time round or can do better, by all means take the test again.

Once you decide on your choice of colleges, it will be a good idea to contact the admissions office and current students of these schools to get a better understanding the SAT score trends for these schools.

So, go give it your best shot and try to get as high a score as possible! Start Your Prep Now.

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