Where to find answer explanations for SAT Blue Book?

If you are using the SAT Blue Book (The Official SAT Study Guide), you will find thousands of practice questions. The College Board SAT Book is a must have in your arsenal for SAT preparation. The SAT book offers the level of questions you are most likely to encounter during the exam. While the quality of the material may be good, you will be surprised to find no explanations to the practice questions and the tests. Some students find it very tough to crack the answers and understand solutions with detailed explanations. If you cannot get access to them or decide not to use them, you fail to derive the true value from this SAT study guide.

The good news though, is that the answer explanations for the questions in the SAT blue book are available! The bad news – you have to go online and get it. Seems a little counterintuitive and annoying, but you have to sign up on the College Board website to gain access to the explanations. You will also need the SAT Blue book alongside for the practice questions which are not displayed online.

If you want to get access to explanations, use the following link: http://www.collegeboard.com/html/satstudyguide/

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Click on the link of the book or DVD at the bottom, create your free account and gain access. Once inside, you can easily navigate your way through the site. It offers great analysis and answer explanations for your SAT practice questions and tests.

The answer explanations are important because they will guide you towards the best strategy to solve the problem. Sometimes a problem may have multiple approaches and it is important to identify the most time-efficient way to solve the problem. This will certainly help you while solving similar problems during the SAT.

While going through the SAT Blue BOOK, don’t rush straight to the answers. First, try to identify where you went wrong. Was it a simple mistake or lack of understanding of core concepts? Once you identify that, use the explanations in the College Board SAT book to see the best approach to solve the problem. Even if you answer the questions correctly, it maybe worthwhile checking out the explanations to make sure you are on the right track.

If you are preparing for the SAT with the Blue Book, make sure to sign up for the explanations. Many students tend to skip the explanations since they have to go through the hassle of signing up for the explanations. While it may seem a little unnecessary in the beginning, it is a very important step in your preparation. To get better at SAT preparation, it is absolutely important that you understand the explanation and know your mistakes and strengths. It will keep you in good stead for the exam and prevent you from making the same mistakes again.

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