Which Schools Require SAT Subject Test Scores

Every year, the suggested recommendations and requirements around SAT subject tests tends to get more and more diverse.

While some colleges find these tests as a helpful way to shortlist students, others are not always in agreement on the benefits of these exams. Many colleges do tend to be more flexible about these requirements, yet others require you to give this exam.

  • Colleges Listed as “Required”

Colleges under this list have subject test policies that make it mandatory for a large portion of students to submit scores of SAT Subject Tests. This usually means 2 subject tests in different subjects.

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  • Colleges Listed as “Recommended”

These colleges range between those that find it useful for students to submit these scores from those who fall just a little short of thinking its “required”. For instance, Yale and Stanford.

  • Colleges Listed as “Considered”

These colleges tend to consider Subject Tests as optional “supplemental information”.

  • Colleges Listed as “Alternative”

This is a small but growing list where applicants are allowed to submit Subject Test scores in lieu of ACT or SAT scores.

Here is a list of top Schools that ask for SAT subject test scores

  • Brown University

Here you are required to submit your SAT and 2 SAT Subject Tests or ACT with writing. If you are a Liberal Medical Education applicant, you will need to submit at least one science subject.

  • Carnegie Mellon University

Carnegie Mellon requires you to submit your SAT or ACT with writing scores along with 2 SAT subject tests for almost all program. The Subject requirements vary depending on the program. However, they all include Math (Level 1 or 2). The Fine Art courses, except Architecture, do not require any Subject Tests.

  • Cornell University

 Cornell requires the SAT or ACT (with writing for Class of 2016). Some of their colleges will also ask for 1 or 2 subject tests.

  • Georgetown University

Here you need to submit the SAT or ACT but they do not consider the essay from both tests. That said, they strongly recommend 3 subject tests and you are required to submit all college boards and ACT scores.

In addition to this, some of the other top schools that ask for SAT subject tests include – Harvard University, Haverford University, Northwestern University, Princeton, Stanford, University of California – Berkeley, among many others. It is ideal to go through each university website to understand the application requirements.


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