Why you’re never too old for a bedtime story

Achieving your dream score in the SAT is going to be dependent on a host of factors, including but not exclusively; how soon you start your study, how much work you put in, how consistent you are with your efforts, the quality of guidance and support you receive and, very importantly, how you feel through the journey.

Pressure and stress can be great if they goad you into action, however these two emotions, if constant, can really cloud the brain making it difficult for you to take in and process new information. One of the keys to your success is to eliminate the bad feelings and to challenge yourself to seeing the fun side of learning. This is where the bedtime story comes in.

How well do you think John Steinbeck or Stephen King would do if they had to sit down and take the Reading and Writing sections of the SAT? We would assume that they would do pretty well, right? A good author’s brain is fine tuned to language, expert at interpreting and disassembling/assembling the world. Authors’ heads are jam packed with words that capture all manner of ideas and concepts, their novels can trigger a panoply of emotion. Through their prose they have the power to recreate realities and to take you outside yourself. This is ‘The Great Escape,’ a way of studying without even realising it.

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Research driven by the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) has found that  students with good reading skills are those who read as a habit. Picking up a book at bedtime is an excellent way to train your mind to the intricacies of language and structure, and reading stories puts your brain into relax mode.

30 minutes of reading seven nights a week could be the difference between two significantly different SAT scores, not only that, but you get to ride in the proverbial tardis too.

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