Will a good essay get me into college?

Essays are a great way to position yourself uniquely and communicate your strengths to the college admissions team. So, how much does a SAT essay really count for? A good essay does not guarantee a seat in a college. Most universities look at your SAT scores and GPA, among other things such as recommendations and extra-curricular activities in your college application. However, a good essay can make a difference.

In most colleges, especially the top-rated ones, there are many applicants whose SAT scores and GPA will fall within touching distance of your scores. In such a scenario, a good essay can make your application stand out and make you more competitive for a seat at your dream college. 

A good essay is your own way to represent yourself in front of the admission committee. It is the one factor you can truly control in your application. Spend time working on the essay part. Make sure that you write neatly, structure your paragraph well and avoid silly grammatical errors. A well-written essay, along with high SAT scores and GPA can greatly enhance your chances of getting into your dream college.

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Remember that the best essays are personal and tell a unique story!

Read on how to write a good SAT essay.

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