Yale University : Acceptance Rate

Many students dream of Yale as their preferred institution for their undergraduate program. However, gaining admission at Yale is extremely difficult. With one of the lowest acceptance rates among all undergraduate programs in the US, you have to be among the cream of applicants to be admitted at the Ivy League College.

In fact, Yale is one of the most competitive schools in the world. The Yale Acceptance Rate is around 7%. out of the 30,932 applications received by the institute for the class of 2018, the institute accepted only 1935 students.

The difficult part about gaining admission at Yale (or any Ivy League College for that matter) is that there is no one factor which guarantees a place at the institute. While academic strength is no doubt important, the institute evaluates the entire applications based on SAT/ACT test scores, transcripts, essays and recommendations.

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If you are gunning for Yale, make sure that you develop a compelling story about yourself. You have to convince the admissions committee that you will make the most of Yale and your own talents. That’s the only way you will be on the right side of the Yale acceptance rate.

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