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Verbal Expert

GMAT Critical Reasoning GMAT Analytical Writing Assessment GMAT Reading Comprehension GMAT Sentence Correction GRE Reading Comprehension GRE Sentence Equivalence GRE Text Completion SAT Writing & Language SAT Critical Reading SAT Essay LSAT Reading Comprehension LSAT Writing Sample

  MSc. Clinical Psychology from Bangor University, 2015

  2 years         India

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  Associated with English as a language for over 15 years

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Verbal Expert

Divya has been associated with English as a language and a subject for upwards of 15 years now, and has taught the subject to students at varying levels of academic acumen. Additionally, she has worked with GMAT and GRE aspirants for two years now and has acquired quite the taste in imparting verbal skills to the vast plethora of students she has tutored. She strongly believes that verbal clarity and strengthening lie in developing a love for reading and building a vocabulary, and encourages ingenious means to promote them from the very outset. She also constantly guides her students to practice the conduct of grammatically correct English in basic day-to-day matters, in a way that grammar becomes familiar and comfortable, as opposed to coerced and boring.


MSc. Clinical Psychology from Bangor University, 2015


GMATCritical Reasoning | GMATAnalytical Writing Assessment | GMATReading Comprehension | GMATSentence Correction | GREReading Comprehension | GRESentence Equivalence | GREText Completion | SATWriting & Language | SATCritical Reading | SATEssay | LSATReading Comprehension | LSATWriting Sample

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