Sonam Dubey

Verbal Tutor & Community Manager

GRE Reading Comprehension GRE Sentence Equivalence GRE Text Completion GRE Analytical Writing GMAT Critical Reasoning GMAT Reading Comprehension GMAT Sentence Correction GMAT Analytical Writing Assessment CAT Verbal Ability CAT Logical Reasoning LSAT Reading Comprehension SAT Critical Reading SAT Writing & Language SAT Essay

  Master of Arts, Industrial & Organisational Psychology from Mumbai University, 2016

  5 years         India

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  Sonam is the Community Manager and a verbal tutor at QS LEAP. She has trained students on soft skills and currently is helping students prepare for standardized tests.

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Verbal Tutor & Community Manager

I am a community manager with QS LEAP. I believe that language plays a very important role among humans as its one of the primary ways for us to communicate with each other. Communication is basic for us humans to understand each other and discuss our ideas and emotions. This is where my interest in language comes from. It’s fascinating to see how we as infants learn language and the process of learning never ends. Hence, I feel motivated to provide support to others to learn.  And I feel honored to be a part of a team that helps students all around the world to learn together and from each other. The best thing is that it's free, there is no cost attached to this learning. As for teaching, I have been in the field for over three years now. I began by imparting knowledge on Soft Skills and now I am imparting Verbal lessons. I enjoy the process as there is so much to learn and it keeps my gray cells active.  As for my education, I am a Master in Psychology from Mumbai University, India. I look forward to interacting with an ever-growing community of learners.


BA in Psychology from Mumbai University, 2011

Master of Arts, Industrial & Organisational Psychology from Mumbai University, 2016


GREReading Comprehension | GRESentence Equivalence | GREText Completion | GREAnalytical Writing | GMATCritical Reasoning | GMATReading Comprehension | GMATSentence Correction | GMATAnalytical Writing Assessment | CATVerbal Ability | CATLogical Reasoning | LSATReading Comprehension | SATCritical Reading | SATWriting & Language | SATEssay

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