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Virtual One-to-One Meetings

Virtual One-to-One is a free online tool introduced by QS LEAP that helps candidates connect with admissions teams across the world to get their profile evaluated, understand admission requirements & the chances of an admit.

Save Time & Money

Schedule on-demand online meetings with Masters & MBA Admissions Teams worldwide. Now you don’t have to wait for them to travel to your city to get your questions answered.

Simple Process

Register for Virtual One-to-One. Check your eligibility & qualify. Schedule Meetings. Have a 30-minute exclusive online conversation with the representatives of your preferred schools.

Reach Globally

Connect with global admissions teams recruiting students worldwide. Gather insights on your chances of an admit. Make an informed application decision.

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How Do The Virtual One-to-One Meetings Work?

Here's a step-by-step guide to how the Virtual Meetings work.


Candidate registers for Virtual Meetings and submits his/her profile.

Meet Criteria & Qualify

V121 algorithm matches the submitted profile with the preferences set by the participating institutes.

Send Requests

Only matched candidate profiles are qualified for submitting meeting requests to the corresponding institutes.

Criteria applicable only to GMAT/GRE candidates/score-holders
and candidates looking for Full-Time One-year and Two-Year Programs

Get Shortlisted

The Institute reviews the incoming candidate profiles & approves/rejects requests based on the candidate’s intent.

Setup Meeting

A mutually convenient time slot for the virtual meeting is finalised. QS LEAP team facilitates these conversations.

Meet Virtually

The virtual meeting takes place successfully on the scheduled day & time.

V121 Steps

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